Tips to Follow when Neighbors Trees Blocks Out Sunlight

Is your garden or landscape suffering from lack of sunlight because your neighbor’s tree is blocking out the light it is supposed to get? This may be urgent given the health of your garden; however, you also need to ensure that the process for which you’ll follow to resolve the issue is correct and legal.   

When encountering an issue like this, it is crucial to be thorough and careful while also conversing.   

1. Clarify the tree issue  

The importance of understanding the real situation you are in is crucial. One tree may not suffice in winning your cause or argument thus. It is best if you try to win the situation yourself. Trees can be trimmed and are often blocking sunlight when trimming is not practiced. Moreover, knowing if the part of the tree that’s it’s on your side or theirs is crucial too. If the blocking comes from the side of the tree that has gotten into your property, then it is best to get it trimmed instead. However, when the part that needs to be trimmed is your neighbor’s, you must try and talk it out with your neighbor respectfully.   

2. Convey through words  

Nothing is more sincere than a letter. I do not mean slipping a letter across your neighbor’s home and expect something to come up of it. Make the letter legal and send it through the mail. After doing so, wait for the reply as well. If you already had a conversation previously, make sure you explain your side, so it will not seem that you are conveying a tantrum on how their trees are blocking your area. Rather, pay more attention to your letter to secure you are conveying respect.   

3. What is the role of the council?   

The council has no power to get rid of your neighbor’s here or threaten them for your advantage. More than that, they also cannot be forced to go beyond a cut of 2 meters. What if the council agrees with me, but my neighbor won’t comply? When a refusal is given to the council, a person is held responsible and given an offense. More than that, since the tree owner refused, the council can overtake the process and make the cutting possible.    

4. In having a tree, is trimming it possible when I do it alone?   

If the tree is yours, to begin with, you have all the power to trim it or take care of it as you please. However, when it comes to a tree preservation order, you must not proceed with cutting it or trimming it whatsoever. If you push through cutting, you can have a criminal offense as well.    

A tree trim, cut, or removal is not easy to deal with. A lot of regulations come with it in the background. However, if you wish to learn more about removing or trimming trees with a knowledgeable individual or team, you can do so through the help of professionals. Professionals know every tree-related regulation and are your best partner in tree care without worrying about getting a criminal offense. Neighbours trees blocking sunlight from your garden? Get rid of the dilemma through checking their website.